Welcome to the blogsite for the Spire writing group

We are a friendly bunch of individuals who enjoy writing stories, poems, essays and plays, in fact any form of written expression that involves the use of the English language.
We meet every Monday morning between 10am and 12pm at the Salvation Army Hall Church Street Louth (opposite the bus station), we would be pleased for you to join us. Generally the mornings develop along these lines:
Firstly we read out the work that we have written in the previous week, we then offer constructive opinions on the work. At this point the discussion may veer spontaneously into all manner of topics!
Secondly we have a short tea break at 11.00am and then continue on with readings and observations on the work and the meaning of life (not necessarily in that order).
Thirdly, if time allows, we might do a short writing exercise before we jointly agree the homework for the following week.
We should point out here that there are no penalties for being unable to write a thing in the previous week. We consider all excuses as valid, if fact we treasure those that are truly original.

Monday, 19 July 2010


This is a short poem about my love hate relationship with Television.

Can you tell me the cost of the time that I’ve lost,
The time I decided to lend,
To the inanimate loafer on a green leather sofa
With a shimmering screen for a friend.

By the edge of a lawn, so recently shorn
The real world was so sadly lacking,
So back to a room that pacified gloom,
Back to the video tracking.

As the images flew, I treasured the views.
A magical way to unwind,
But now I look back I was on the wrong track,
For I’d programmed the passing of time.

And so what a waste, that time in my haste,
Giving part of my life to a wall.
It’s too easy you see, to forget that you’re free
and let time steal away from us all.